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Chiropractor Treatment Costs

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain or injury, then you know how devastating the effects of such a condition can be on your lifestyle.  Chronic pain and stiffness can not only alter your daily routine, but these common back-related symptoms can also require you to miss a lot of work.  It is not unusual for someone with back problems to have to weigh out the hard financial decision of which is more expensive: missing work to give the back a break, or paying chiropractor fees to get treatment for the back problems.  If you find yourself in this tough predicament, then it will be helpful to know what types of services chiropractors provide, as well as how they charge for them.  Here is a breakdown of chiropractor treatment costs:

Average session fees.  A recent survey in Chiropractic Economics Magazine shows that an average session with a chiropractor is said to cost around $65.  The range of cost was between $34 and $106, with the highest costs being in the South and the lowest costs being in the Midwest, and also varied according to whether or not the chiropractors required and charged for examinations.  Additionally, new patients can expect to pay more for the first session (with averages between $61 and $161) because they are required to submit to a complete health evaluation before receiving any chiropractic services.

What services do session costs include?  An average session should include a complete spinal alignment.  This involves the adjustment of the vertebrae to relieve pain and pressure.  Session frequencies and lengths depend upon the seriousness of the patient’s case.

Additional fees.  Some chiropractors charge extra for X-Rays if they are needed, while others include the cost with the initial examination.  It is also not uncommon for chiropractors to offer additional therapeutic services like massage and acupuncture for extra fees.  Deep tissue massages in a chiropractor’s office average about $42.  Acupuncture is a bit more expensive, averaging $100 to $150 for the first visit and $65 for subsequent visits.

Of course, your specific circumstances (frequency of visits, extra services, location, etc.) will determine the exact cost of chiropractic treatments available to you.  However, these general guidelines should be a good starting point when you begin looking into chiropractors.  Also, remember that shopping around can save you money!  Many chiropractors who accept only cash payments (as opposed to health insurance) charge discounted fees, so it never hurts to ask how you may save some money when you are researching your options.